Parents & Community Members Say No to Trust Status!

At the moment our School is a community school governed by the community and  parents.

The school (governing body and headteacher) are proposing that the school becomes a National Challenge Trust School. So what does this mean ?

Trust Status takes everything away from the community!!

This we believe is a pretext to merging with Belle Vue Girls!

Is this what you want?

It is important that you make your voice heard before any decisions can be made. The consultation to meet the community and parents is to be held at the School on Thursday 10th of June 2010 at 6pm.

The following document is an interesting document that outlines the issues pertaining to Trust Status.

Some more info on National Trust Schools and our Results!
National Challenge Trusts are intended for schools where fewer than 30% of students are achieving five GCSEs at A*-C’s including English and Maths. In 2010, Belle Vue Boys' Schools results are predicted to be above 30% for this year (without the help of the Trust Partners!). Unions are opposed to Trusts. The Trust may change the admissions criteria and may sell off some of Belle Vue Boys' School’s assets. 

If our school becomes a trust school parents and the local community would have no input or voice in how the school was run and no influence in key decisions such as mixing the school with Belle Vue Girls School (who becoming a trust school with the same trust partners. Is that a coincidence??!!!), other matters such Sex Education, School Ethos and challenging the school to improve.

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